[1] 'Council Rules Out Vote for Future of Heygate' - Southwark News, 3rd April 2003.

[2] See paragraphs 5.12 and 5.16, Project Director Jon Abbot's Statement of Evidence - Heygate CPO public Inquiry 5th Feb 2013.

[3] See paragraph 26 of the 2005 Leaseholder Policy and also paragraphs 4 & 33 of the Executive Report - 'Heygate Estate Decant Arrangements', 18 May 2004: "Council Executive agrees to develop housing options for leaseholders whose interests will be acquired as part of the main scheme, including shared and retained equity arrangements. The negotiation of shared ownership and retained equity schemes for people to buy a share in a higher valued property will form part of the procurement exercise to select housing association and developer partners."

[4] See paragraph 3.4 of Southwark Council's proof of evidence at Feb 2013 CPO public inquiry.

[5] See para. 26 of the 06/2004 Govt CPO Guidance:"In the interests of speed and fostering good will, acquiring authorities are urged to consider offering those with concerns about a compulsory purchase order full access to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques."

[6] See para. 5.5 of the Regeneration Agreement: The Council acknowledges that the Council shall be wholly responsible for the costs of obtaining and implementing any CPO.

[7] See para. 5.10.1 of the Regeneration Agreement: "The council will have due regard to the views of the Developer in setting the strategy for pursuing the CPO."

[8] The practice by developers of holding land for years and waiting for prices to rise before building - during which time the land is classed as an asset on its balance sheet and used as collateral.